Carlee Chiate serves as Director of Resident Services. In collaboration with the asset management team and property management staff, she works to find creative ways to meet the needs of more than 11,000 residents.

Carlee has devoted the past 19 years of her career being of service to communities in need through working in the field of social work. Prior to joining MRK, she served as a clinical social worker in a variety of settings. Carlee provided clinical psychiatric treatment to children, adolescents, families, and groups in community mental health clinics, homes and schools. She also designed and implemented programs and activities, identified appropriate community resources, and collaborated with other agencies to best support her clients. Additionally, Carlee contributed to strategic business development through fundraising and program design.

Carlee is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state California. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona, with a focus in Family Studies and her Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California, with a concentration in Families and Children.

In her words: I remember my first day at MRK like it was yesterday. I started on a day where there was a quarterly meeting. I recall Sydne starting that meeting by requesting full participation from everyone. She emphasized what a smart and innovative team we had. When Cathy spoke, she opened up her discussion expressing the importance of collaboration and communication. I quickly picked up on the emphasis of inclusiveness and value they had on everyone’s voice and ideas being heard. Another staff member led a full blown discussion with many team members sharing their ideas and reflecting on a beautiful learning opportunity. There was laughter and clear authenticity as people took responsibility for their choices, decisions and actions. I was smiling and crying on the inside knowing that I just joined a dynamic, adaptable, supportive and family-oriented team.